I just wish I could start childhood over again minus the abuse and see how I would have turned out.

Just this morning I realized I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed, I really had to hold those fears in honor as I talked to my younger self. I hugged him, telling him I understood he was afraid, he was worried and that when he was ready, I would be here for him to talk to, that he and I would work through whatever was on his little heart. I felt so much better, even talking about this feels good. Marc, I know through processing the abuse for over three years that the man I am now is intelligent and caring, I have folks telling me things that they have never told anyone. You and I Marc, we will be the ones that others feel close to and respect, our healing journey, though difficult, brings out the best in us. Therefore, we will be at our best, and it will bring relief to ourselves and others.

Let's keep going fellow survivor, okay?

MaleSurvivor Moderator Emeritus 2012 - 2014