Since Suwanee's post about Good Times. I have been reflecting on my own 'good' childhood memories and the toys that meant so much to me.

I used to escape into my own little world and play by myself for hours at a time.

When I was 3 I was given this Family Tree House set (It was a hand-me-down from some friend of the family). I loved it and they even had a dog. The little boy figurine looked just like me and I could pretend I had a happy family. I still have everything but the actual treehouse (it fell to bits) and my kids love them too.

Then at about 8 I got my first and only lego set. It was a real 'boys' toy. The rest of the lego I played with was my older brothers. This was mine...just mine.

At 10 I got my first Transformer. I loved Transformers so much. I used to watch a lot of cartoons on TV (escapism again) and this was a toy from a real live TV show. WOW!!. This is Blaster. I really wanted Optimus Prime but now Blaster is more special to me. I sold him at a garage sail when I was about 15. I bought another one a few years back. smile

Just wondering if anyone else had some special toy/s when they were a kid that remind them that it wasn't all bad.

More than meets the eye!