I would have to agree. I have been with my beloved for going on 3 years. He is a survivor. He has never cheated, he has never made me feel worthless. It's been hard at times but there has always been LOVE and RESPECT. I know the man you are with is in a lot of pain- but, and I say this with compassion- having problems- even HUGE ones- does not give you the right to treat another human being like garbage. You also are teaching him that his behavior is okay by staying in this situation- and even more- fighting to stay in this situation. You're a person- an important one- and should be treated as such- regardless of what the other person has been through. No one's life is without strife and trouble and some people have lots of trouble- but again- a problem, addiction, mental illness, whatever- does not give anyone a free pass to treat another human being with utter disrespect. You ARE special. He feels he is not. He needs to fix that on his own and in his own time. There is NOTHING you can do to speed up or help the process. LEAVE. He is in no place to be in a functional, loving relationship. He may figure his stuff out and come back- but right now- you need to go. I'm so sorry that it is hard. I know we have never met but I do sincerely wish you the best.