I'm cool hearing that Tyler Perry is a self-promoting jerk. Most people in the world are. I've never been a fan of his, but the way he told his story on that show resonated with me and was a turning point in my acceptance of myself, so I'm glad he did it. Most of the time people have messed up motivations for even the nicest stuff they do, so I don't even try to figure out the "why" and just be glad that they did something mostly beneficial.

edit: I do feel that famous people coming out with their story is a two-edged sword. Obviously, I'm happy for their success and like I just said their words have helped me. On the other hand, sometimes when highly successful people talk about what they overcame it can unintentionally make it seem like it wasn't a big deal. Like if Tyler Perry can live through and still be (supposedly) likable, why do I have such a hard time socializing with people? I know and you know that its because everyone reacts differently, but the world at large doesn't always know that and I'm afraid it can make them judge us even more harshly.

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