I guess fakes and liars are all over the internet, no matter where you go. Shit, look at the Manti Te'o situation and how far that went. It's absolutely astounding the lengths people will go to when the "payoff" is getting to live out some bizarre and/or sick fantasy on-line. However, I see screwing around with CSA survivors as being a lot worse morally than convincing an NCAA linebacker, who is an idiot, that you're some dying chick he's in love with. (Although that was pretty sick and cruel itself.)

You would think most pedos would avoid a place like this, because I think most of them want to live in the deluded fantasy that their actions do not cause harm, and that the things they've done and/or want to do to children weren't/aren't really abusive. You'd think they'd mostly stick to sites where they can swap fabricated and/or embellished stories that reinforce that belief and not have to be burdened with hearing the very real pain that such actions have caused people. I could be wrong though. Or, I could be mostly right and there is a certain breed of predator that actually gets off on the pain and turmoil they have caused instead of living in denial/delusion about it.

For people that may be here and fit into that latter category, well, what can you really do? I suppose that's one of those things you just have to release to the universe and hope that karma gets them in the end. Or that they auto-erotically asphyxiate themselves to death in the process of getting their jollies here. That would be kind of funny. Not that we'd ever know it happened, but it's a nice thought. Peace.


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