dear survivors,

i would like to ask what to tell a small boy (say from 6 to 8) when he tells you that someone did something to him which comes under sexual abuse?

then later on, besides therapy, how do you help this still small boy to understand all the things that come with the abuse so that he can still have a chance from the beginning to develop into a normal adult without all the problems that come from the abuse that was done to him?

its clear to me and any other normal person that the perp is reported and all that outside stuff, but i am talking about the boy himself.

so i am askng this here. i would like to ask you to think about it and think in a way...say you HAD told what happened to you when you were small, then what would have helped you to hear? what would have helped you not to develop one or the other problems later?

i am sorry if this is hard to think or painful and it hurts when you tried to tell but noone listened or did anything. i am also sorry if you feel bad answering this or thinking this, if you have not tried to tell because you felt there is noone who could be told. i am also sorry if you have not tried to tell because you were scared and for all the other reasons.
but i really need to know that because over here where abuse is totally no topic ever in public and not also in the education, i want to achieve that kids in their first school years get educated on this. but i need to be prepared as well as possible because when i did this at a higher school age in classes last year, i had 14 kids coming forward within two weeks. but now its about the smaller ones. what if they come forward. what are the right things to say/do?

thank you
everything is always okay in the end, if it's not, then it's not the end