Hey guys,
Just wondering if anyone here has ever taken part in a drug trial? I have signed up for one at a local phsyc hospital, in conjunction with a university & a pharm company. It's about adding a new drug to what I am already on. It's double blind, placebo controlled, so there's no guarantee that I will have any benefit at all from it, but it's an interesting opportunity. It's about 5 months long. I go a couple times a week to the hospital (right beside my work)... At each visit they take a bunch of blood, take vitals & some other little tests, feed me lunch & pay me $40 for my troubles. I also get to take advantage of their psychiatry staff with ongoing counselling & medication opportunities at no charge. It hasn't started yet... Gotta get all the medical records sorted & sent to them from various docs. Likely start on the drug in about a month.
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