Since the purpose of this section is just to introduce, I'll stick to the basics and possibly share my "experience" in another location. I am 54 yrs. old, married for 37 years (yes, i was 16 when i said "i do"), have 2 sons both married, and from all external appearances I have it all together. I suppose that is a result of the learned response or conditioning that my childhood paid me. In actuality, I was never allowed to be a child and still feel a sense of melancholy about what could have been. Why am I here? As sad as it may seem, I find brotherhood by reading your heartbreaking stories even if I never get to personally speak to you. I guess I shouldn't find it unusual: if the horrors and hell of war can create bonds that last a lifetime between two men who otherwise would never have met, then certainly our common ground (our own personal hell) can rightfully bond us. I suppose I'm also here because I've never found one person my entire life that I felt I could tell my story (I don't trust men) and still maintain some amount of dignity and respect. However, I do believe that "if we confess our faults one to another, we will be healed." And after years and years of self-loathing, I am due for a healing. Thanks for listening. Mark