I know that this is very disturbing theme for discussion and could be more than triggering so please take care for yourself and try not to read it if there is risk of emerging many negative emotions, flashbacks and similar...

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Dr. Berlin failed to mention the fact that child sexual abuse, whether committed by certified "pedophiles" or by plain, old people-who-like-to-fuck-children, is ALWAYS harmful to the victim, and the victim is very young. This is true whether it's a first offense or a 100th offense, whether the perpetrator can help it or not. IMHO that makes CSA qualitatively different from other "phenomena" he discusses.

Berlin also ignores the elaborate and pains-taking schemes child-molesters use, time after time, to zero in on their victims, cut them out of the herd, and keep them isolated.

And eventually he says something stunningly ignorant:

"I find it difficult to imagine that a large group of people, people in institutions—people who work hard and tend to have values that we respect—would get together and with clear vision say, 'We’re going to put protecting our brand ahead of kids.' I think that if we stop and think about it, that is really a stretch."

Apparently he's never heard of the Boy Scouts of America, the Catholic Church, or (though the interview is appended to an article about Jerry Sandusky) Penn State.


Don't know what all Dr. Berlin said but I really wonder about possibility of treatment and what are main difficulties and if there is some progress in this field.
It is obvious that catching abusers after damage is done many times doesn't work to protect us. I would like to hear that there is much more done...

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The typical child molester is not necessarily a pedophile. You can google or wiki the definition of pedophilia or sociopathy and see that it does not apply to most or many people who sexually abuse children.

I've checked Wikipedia's definition of sociopathy (actually psychopathy) and there something I spotted that sounds more than terrible for me:
"A 2011 study of conditional releases for Canadian male federal offenders found that psychopathy was related to more violent and non-violent offences but not more sexual offences. For child molesters, psychopathy was associated with more offences. Despite "their extensive criminal histories and high recidivism rate", psychopaths showed "a great proficiency in persuading parole boards to release them into the community." It is purported that high-psychopathy offenders (both sexual and non-sexual offenders) are about 2.5 times more likely to be granted conditional release compared to non-psychopathic offenders."

here is the source:

I don't know what to say about this alarming finding frown

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