thank you for this link!
i left out the denial part completely and i also completely left out the blame on my daughter. cant be done, she is a kid! wont make sense. she didnt ask him to do this. she actually asked him not to do this.

but the rest of the list is true and it keeps on coming back and rehappening. not all of it but the guilt factor is great. i mean, its a fact that i didnt know when i should have known. i am responsible for my children and i love them. not so sure if that part will ever go away, despite my own daughter telling me that i cant have known, because he made sure he created opportunities and how she has hidden it to save his ass from prison, until she found a way to be more important to herself than his freedom or his life in general.


everything is always okay in the end, if it's not, then it's not the end