i am a good mother and i can REALLY love my kids
i can do the homework of my kids for every subject smile
i can work when i like so that i am home when my kids are home
i can speak and write 9 or so languages fluently
i can feel
i can understand survivors, esp. male survivors, even though i was not abused
i can cook really well, foods from many different countries
i can stand up for the right things
i can speak in front of any amount of people without feeling insecure
i am able to make no difference between people and people, no matter what their positions, colors, sex... are. i can only differ between good or bad and the things in between
i can bring up my kids without making a difference between male and female
i can finish all levels in mario bros 2 smile
everything is always okay in the end, if it's not, then it's not the end