from wlakingsouth and in the locked section. Hi Josh I certainly dont think anyone wish to segregate per se, but this forum was supposed to be for ASA focus and the guidelines were specific. obviously overlap can occur but sometimesin asa threads a csa personw as totally hijacking the thread to dicuss their own childhood things and it was haoppening constantly. i am citing the moderator in the locked thread. but of course we seek your guidance and advice for that balance. i just would hate to see this become yet another csa forum when they have the male survivors board and others here too. just my food for thought.

"Gentlemen, Please remember that this forum is about Adult Sexual Assault, ASA, and not Child Sexual Abuse, CSA. While there may well be a certain amount of discussion of the differing or similar impacts of either as a topic unfolds, please do not "hijack" a thread in this forum from discussions of ASA to that of CSA. Thanks.:

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