Okay- so I know this is weird- but I just remembered something and I kind of want it affirmed or de-bunked before I bring it up to my beloved to ask his T about. My dearest has a hard time with this whole thing because his memories are really foggy or not there- and the person accused denies it all. There were a few moments where his abuser said some weird stuff. One year he called my BFs ex wife a whiny bitch at a holiday dinner, this Thanksgiving he called me a bony a** (crickets would have seemed like sirens at that moment- so awkward), and when they were camping- they being my BF and his folks and a cousin and his wife- he and his cousin were joking around and his cousin made a joke about him being a handsome guy and his perp. said something to the effect of "watch it, he's mine" (as a "joke" but it totally gives me the shivers). I think this is solid proof of the pedophile getting jealous of the people the victim is close to. He's still trying to have control over him- it points a HUGE finger at the guilty party. It just hit me like a ton of bricks! Does this have any merit? I've been trying to find instances online and in the book I have, but no good. Thoughts? Should I even bring it up? Would I be over-stepping my bounds?