Hello - I am a 49 year old bi-sexual man, CSA Survivor from Maine. I was sexually abused by 3 older brothers from age 7 to age 12. I am very lucky in many ways. First of which is that I have done lots of work toward recovery and while it is always an ongoing battle, I am fairly high functioning today. That is something I am grateful for.

I have not always been so "high functioning." And in some ways i am probably not that high functioning at all. This may become apparent when I post "My Story" in the appropriate section in a week or so. I have it mostly written, but like to let my writings "simmer" for a period before I put them out there for public consumption. Not all of my writings will be this way, but my story is likely to have many triggering aspects to it and I want to ensure that I have chosen my words and such very carefully.

I am married - my wife has always known about the abuse I suffered and she has been very supportive and understanding about the long term and lasting effects this has had on my sexuality.

Well - I had joined MS as a member a few days ago and wanted to make sure that I wrote some sort of introduction. I look forward to having some exchanges here and offering support to any and all who may be struggling with issues around their trauma and recovery. I do work a full time job that often requires me to put in very long days (Social Services) but I will try to be very mindful to those who reach out for support and provide timely feedback.