Hey my friend I'm sorry to hear that you felt like that at your home.
It is terrible hurtful if we are not fully heard and accepted by our closed family members frown
In any case please don't rush with some conclusions, maybe it was day like that or maybe there is some deeper misunderstanding.
Some personal things should be kept for ourselves if there is no much support. Please look how to protect self as feelings of betrayal could be very triggering and difficult to handle.

My father was always good and supportive man however I've grown without really connection with him as he was mainly busy and absent during my childhood.
So couple years ago I was in shock when I found that basically he never used to know me and that he has limited capacity for some my emotional needs.
I'm still working on acceptance of such situation and I'm very unhappy about it sometimes. But that is how are the things and I can't do much to change it.
Keep searching for answers about your parents!

Be well!

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