MaleSurvivor Guest Speaker Chat

Join us the first Monday of every month as we talk to interesting people who have committed themselves to male sexual abuse healing. These selfless survivors, supporters and professionals have volunteered for a greater role in their daily lives, their online lives and in making themselves available for fellow survivors.
  • How do I progress in recovery?
  • When is not progressing a good thing?
  • What avenues of awareness and support do I have access to?
  • How can I start and maintain a healthy relationship?

These questions and more are being answered every month in Guest Speaker!

Hi, my name is SamV. I am a survivor of male sexual abuse and have been in recovery for three years. I have been a moderator for MaleSurvivor for almost a year and as the creator and facilitator of The Round Table, I have enjoyed successful exchanges from survivors and professionals alike. This new segment, Guest Speaker Chat, will interview survivors, supporters and professionals in the MSA industry to better inform the survivor in areas of recovery.

On March 4, 2013, we will be speaking with User Still of MaleSurvivor. He is a local child abuse awareness advocate with six years on the site. He will be speaking on the topic "When Abusers are Peers". "When Abusers are Peers" is coming your way!

Would you like to attend the next Guest Speaker Chat!?!! It is the first Monday of every month in the MS Chat room, 7:00pm CST(UTC/GMT -6; 1:00pm ) Private Message SamV, the facilitator with your intentions, then be in the MS Chat Lounge before the meeting and I will invite you into the room.

This meeting is private. While we are in this room in chat, please do not invite other users into the room. Please do not PM other attendees during the meeting. All inviting and conversation will come through the facilitator, SamV. After the meeting, feel free to use the room as you wish. The room will automatically close when the last user exits.

If an attendee has a question for the speaker, it must come through the facilitator. Private Message the facilitator with your question(s) and as time permits, we will discuss them.

Come and enjoy this new segment with us.