Drunken parties at the seminary, crushes on young 'pups' and a gay mafia accused of bringing down Britain's top Catholic


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In the tight-knit, secluded environment, daily rituals such as lighting candles or preparing the altar for Mass became loaded with homo-eroticism, he said.

‘We all knew it went on. When alcohol came out, you’d see people becoming more tactile,’ he says.

‘The irony was that the gay seminarians would generally be the ones to take the most conservative positions when we’d discuss sexual issues. It was the hypocrisy that I couldn’t stand.’

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Many good priests have told me they were glad when St Andrew’s closed down, because it was such a den of iniquity.

‘In fact, several people who went through that place in the Seventies and Eighties are part of what I call the priesthood’s gay mafia.’

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A decade after O’Brien left Blairs, the seminary was at the centre of a scandal after a former priest, Desmond Lynagh, was accused of sexually abusing students during the Seventies. He was later jailed for three years.

Out of the frying pan and into the frier.


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