Hi Trk --

I don't know what protocol they're using for PEP right now. Perhaps you can fill us in.

I'm 20+ years poz and, though these aren't directly related to HIV, for years I've used Bactrim (pneumonia) and Acyclovir (100mg/daily). PEP depends, too, on what side effects, if any, you can tolerate. I suppose what I'm saying is that there's no need to panic.

PEP I think also may depend on your numbers. A CD4 absolute count of 350 has often the baseline for initiating treatment. However, viral load measurement is often more important because it identifies the number of HIV copies that can attack the CD4 cells. The lower you can bring that number, the less potential damage.

CD4% (pctg of lymphocytes that are CD4) is now considered a more reliable indication of immune system health. Normal is about 40%.

If any consolation, my worst numbers:
CD4 - 33
CD4% - 2.5%
VL - 87,100
...and I'm still here.

PM me any time.