I came here some two years ago to find support; then left this place for a long time because it was too emotionally disturbing to read all these stories.

My spouse finally started therapy and the plan was that I'd also see the (same) counselor and eventually we would do couple therapy. So far so good; and I'm happy he's finally looking after himself.
The problem is, it has taken too long, I've entered a stage where I just accept that I'm in this relationship because that's the way it is. I go from day to day without caring much about it any more.
We don't argue, we don't fight. We continue our daily life as if nothing ever happened. He goes to therapy and the deal was that I won't ask any questions.
Our intimate life is totally gone and while I do feel attracted to other men, I have no wish anymore to get involved with my own.
I have mentally checked out of this relationship.
That's what I noticed when he went on a business trip for a week and it was as if I could breath again, noticed that I don't miss him, don't want him around me.

But I feel that I'm not being fair because from his point of view he's done so much, he's working on getting well.

Anyone else hit this kind of wall? What did you do? How can I cope with this?