returning to the room i rent
i find my brother and flat mate has taken my eletric fire out of my room for 3rd or 4th time with out my permission
then returned it as i returned home
i shout at him from the hall way again
he responds by shouting that i should not be shouting at him and throwing a mostly emtpy can of dog food at me hitting me in the face cutting me and smaering dog food on the wall of my room

im now shaking with rage
i head down stares smashing a cheap painting on the way out of pure rage and desperation as i know whats comiing next
my mother is
handles it by telling me to be quite and siding with him
as normal

i inform her im not working my shift today as i respect my self
she replies by saying " im glad some one respects you "
and then tells me she would like a shift off for no reason as well

it appears that its ok to phyicaly assult people if they complain that you are using there things over and over
at least thats the lession taught

whats my lession here what am i supposted to learn or do

should i have smacked my own brother in the face over and over
to teach him not to do it agian
and become as brualised as my enviroment

im waitning and watching for an opportunity to leave

then i sit in my room alone and i say to my self "is this an abusive enviroment ? "
as my brother sings
im walking on sunshine loudly the day contiunes

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'The flower you love is not in danger...I'll draw you a muzzle for your sheep...I'll draw you a fence for your flower...I' I didn't know what to say. How clumsy I felt! I didn't know how to reach him, where to find him...It's so mysterious, the land of tears.