Its been a few months since i have been on here. I know when i need some male support i can get on here and they are around all the time. Just a little update on my fight i have moved out of the town from where my CSA happened and working with a T that i go to see every 4 weeks. I dont know anybody in this new town so there is nobody to talk to for 4 weeks the only person i do no is my brother and if you have read my story it makes it abit hard but we have a strong bond not sure if it is from what happened or not???????

Anyway it is very hard to be alone most of the time with no support on a day to day baises i have been trying 2 make friends but i dont trust males but i no u guys are there for me all i ask for is a bit of support and i would go on chat if my phone would let me

Thanks in advance bass