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I think it should be good to raise that topic and at least get some kind of acknowledgment from your cousin. - that is actually very hard since we are talking about things that changed many things in your life...

Ivo, some acknowledgment I believe would definitely be helpful and yes those actions had detrimental effects

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Be careful and make it known to Mark that your care about him but what he did wasn't acceptable - Talk to your T and get some recommendations for other Ts that you can give to Mark so he can think about starting his own therapy.

Thanks, cuda.. never really thought of that. That's a good point you brought up there. I'm sure he needs a T also, but whether or not he accepts the fact that he needs it, is another story.

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..you should discuss with your therapist. Your T can tell you what to expect and how to respond.

Gonna have to do this before anything. Really not looking forward to walking into anything blindly.

I appreciate all your help guys, I will for sure bring this up at my next session. What to expect and how to respond is paramount.