This is a good discussion. First, people should read the interview with Dr. Fred Berlin. His experience and understanding of human sexuality is excellent.

Second, Puffer's definitions of pedophilia and sociopathy are pretty common among the public:
It has been my understanding that there are 2 formidable obstacles in changing the mind of a pedophile:
1) Many or most true pedophiles are sociopathic. Sociopaths do not want to change. They like themselves as they are (unfortunately)
2) It is difficult to change the pedophiles sexual preference even if he does say he wants to change. Some who are in prison have agreed to want to change. But can they be sincere?

The typical child molester is not necessarily a pedophile. You can google or wiki the definition of pedophilia or sociopathy and see that it does not apply to most or many people who sexually abuse children.

There are many if not most people who abuse children who are not pedophiles. In my experience, true pedophiles are in the minority of sexual abusers I work with. Of these, all have been caught or identified and the large percentage of sexual abusers have not been apprehended or known to the public. (I'm talking about the abusers I work with, as well as others who come to the attention of professionals. They generally don't volunteer for treatment, although they ALL think about it before they act.)

The discussion that some who claim it is an orientation like heterosexuality or homosexuality may have an agenda to make it OK to act on the feelings like advocates for accepting homosexuality had years ago. (By this I mean that the public did not accept the idea that it was acceptable for two men or two women to have attractions for each other until recently.) However, I believe that some people have an unfortunate attraction to children which, if they were to act on it, would harm children and would be illegal.

It is a difficult and emotional subject for most people to talk about. I hope this can be a discussion that won't polarize folks around here. Let's be civil if there is any discussion.
Blissfully retired after 35 years treating sexual abuse