I joined this forum last year seeking help for then 17 (now 18) year-old son, and would like some guidance from those of you who have worked through the process of counseling.

My son has seen well over twenty counselors, some of which were in a group home he lived in for seven months.

His 25 yo sister moved back home at Christmas, and she has become his unofficial counselor because he has found that he has been able to talk more comfortably with her than he has with anyone else. They have also gone together to see his individual counselor as well, and he told her that she had a gift for counseling.

He has made progress talking to his sister, which included him finally accepting the fact that having been sexually abused has impacted his life. This is a huge milestone because, before his sister began talking with him he absolutely insisted that it was not been the source of any of his problems.

Now that they have reached this point, they seem to have hit a wall. They saw his individual counselor again to see what the next step in the process should be, and it sounds as though he was less than helpful. Apparently he told them that he needed to forgive his abuser. I think (hope) that he might have meant that as an eventual goal, but the information they were seeking is what is the process that will help him to heal.

Could some of you share how you approached this and what was most helpful for you?

Here's a link to our story: Peer Abuse

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Thanks for any help you can give.


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