So I went looking for other cases of ganged-up 12-yo boys raping a little boy as I'm told its highly unusual. How I translate that theory is killing me and all the Klonopin in my cabinet won't help this level of pain.

So....the search for other cases. To my horror, I discovered that one need not look too hard or very far back in time.

The very first search yielded about 2000 articles. The first one was in TODAY'S philly news: *****TRIGGERING AS FK********

Gang rape BY boys of a girl

Or THIS one....gang of boys on a mentally challenged girl IN THEIR CLASSROOM!!!! Filthly Animals!

*******MAJOR TRIGGER********

Home invasion: 10+ teens gang-rape woman, force 12 yo son to have sex with mother.

and on and on and on and on:

Daily Beast
South Africa Outraged at Gang Rape of Teenager
TIME-Feb 7, 2013
Last year, South Africans were shocked when village boys gang-raped a mentally ill 17-year-old with a mental age of 4. She was attacked by ...
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South African Broadcasting Corporation
Nine boys arrested for gang-rape
Eyewitness News-Feb 11, 2013
JOHANNESBURG - Nine teenage boys have been arrested on Monday afternoon in connection with the gang-rape of a Free State woman.

CBS News
Ala. bill would exonerate Scottsboro Boys of 1931 gang rape charges
San Jose Mercury News-Feb 4, 2013
MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- In 1931, Alabama wanted to execute the black Scottsboro Boys because two white women claimed they were ...
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Sixth grader gang-raped by students
Bangkok Post-Feb 5, 2013
A sixth grader was gang raped by students from her school in Samut ... of the boys with his smart phone camera, police said on Wednesday.

Girl Gang-Raped in School, NY Police Do Nothing 22, 2013
Two other boys with a history of violent criminal activity raped her. ... The police indicate that the gang rape must have been “consensual” even ...

Nine youths in court for gang rape
Independent Online-Feb 22, 2013
A group of boys assaulted the man and woman, demanding money ... She said she had been taken to a quarry and repeatedly raped by the ...

'In South Africa the truth is this: guns are us'
The Guardian-3 hours ago
I remember it as a prime site for fights between boys, a place to settle scores, out ... Seventeen–year-old Anene Booysen was gang-raped and ...

Femininjas: Women in fiction fight back
Salon-3 hours ago
In the hallways at school, Alice overhears a group of boys talking about the rape and realizes they are the perpetrators. She doesn't go to the ...

"We saw your boobs" celebrated rape on film
Salon-3 hours ago
The film is also loosely based on the real-life gang rape of Cheryl ... Do you know when we saw Hilary Swank's “boobs” in “Boys Don't Cry”?
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