I pasted this up from chat because I want to figure out how to navigate the system and get also get more feed back[Jolly Giant] 4:37 am: Hi I put a letter to the editor under the introductions but it was a coming out as an abused person letter to the public and put on a brave but heartbreaking face. What it does not capture is how much of an
emotional roller-coaster I am on and how much I need compassion validation, caring, and trust. I am getting that from my women friends and my partner. To tell the truth I keep calling the suicide line and pretend everything is
OK I want to die. My father raped me twice when I was about 10 and molested me for many years.
[Jolly Giant] 4:45 am: My brothers were bullies and cruel and molested me sadistically. When I was young i did self harm cutting my feet and getting them infected and was hospitalized. My Father raped me in the hospital He
raped me at a fourth of July party and I tried to drown myself.For a long time I lit fires mainly in trash cans for years and I felt responsible whenever someone was violently hurt as if I was the one who did it. This is because of the shame of my father and
the remorse I felt around it.
[Jolly Giant] 4:49 am: I have told everything to many people especially a co worker I have known for 18 years. I feel abandoned and distanced from her lately even though I have had the courage to talk with her. I work on a Warmline
and even my bosses wont talk about this stuff. I feel like an outcast.
[Jolly Giant] 5:01 am: This is more than it is fair for my partner to handle he is very perceptive and we have a difference in education and communication styles. He is so loving and caring and has been so physically and
emotionally abused growing up that it makes me cry to think about it. I treasure him. We are such touch me nots because of our abuse issues that we don't have sex . We are intimate emotionally and mentally and just like an
old married couple. We hug a lot and we gives kisses on the neck.