I haven't been posting much, would like to, just can't seem to do it, fear of judgment i guess. But I was triggered badly to day so feel the need of some support.

I was asked to go along with my father to pick up my 6year old nephew from school, I wasn't really needed, I think I was asked because both myself and my sister were physically abused my my father and car journeys were particularly bad. No sexual abuse thankfully but alot of rage aimed at us. Anyway, I was frozen solid in the back of the car with constant flash backs of my fathers rage. To be honest this is not what is bothering me. Its more about what my sister would think if she knew about my sexual abuse, I can't help but think that if she knew she would assume I would be a perpetrator who can't be trusted with her son. She could not have come round quick enough to pick him up and seemed very nervous about the whole setup.

Being around the nephew definitely triggers me but that coupled with my father is just overload! think I'll go chill out for a while! I'll prob find I am reading too much into it.

The virtue of mental anguish... is the provision of strength and resilience each time clarity's reclaimed. For my success, I owe it all,
to that which stands in my way.