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I would give anything to know what that feels like...

I've been going through a ton of stock (license) photos lately looking for contents of one of my legislative/lobbying web pages. I had stumbled upon an entire genre of photos that rip my heart out.

They are painful in that I see clearer and clearer what I missed with regards parental love.

Those hugs in the video above, the hugs and love in the homecoming I wrote of...I knew none of those. I loved my parents. Event though... Even though I attached to a revolving door of hired help who could not reciprocate as true mothers; Even though the man I though was the center of the universe beat me unpredictably, kicked me like a 3rd-world stray dog and would torture my soul with sun-set to sun-rise sessions of pee-my-pants horror...I still loved them.

Going through those stock photos and some of MY family, I would literally go breathless at the demonstrated affection and returned love that I never knew.

A while ago, I sent to my one-surviving sister a photo of the Romney Family, all gathered, squished together on one piece of furniture and looking alive. i added a note to her; "We never knew this...not once." Her response; "no...not even once."

I never knew the feeling of nature and due safety provided by either parent...reciprocated love...and I never knew an ounce of physical affection --- from him.