WARNING*****I am venting*****WARNING

I am very angry with H at the moment and I'm trying to work through it.

I've seen some of the things in my life change as a result of his CSA.....well not so much the CSA but the lack of information I had about it. I've made accommodations for it without ever knowing what I was accommodating. Things I thought were just temporary derailments to my goals turned out to be permanent paths.

I just found another one. A dream since I was a little girl.......it will never happen as long as I am married to this man.

I'm angry that:
1. He waited so long to tell me about the CSA and made major life decisions based on it without my knowledge.
2. He will NEVER make the perp answer for it.
3. He recently used the CSA stuff as a manipulation tool for another issue.....it's long to describe but basically he made out like another issue had the same effects on him as his CSA stuff.
4. He dumps his 'problems' on me. I am not a never ending well to dump his crap into.

This other issue (in #3) - the path that it will take - will ultimately bankrupt us. I'm sure of that. More dreams gone...........

I'm going to have to remove myself from these financial issues and see what he does. I just can't watch everything I ever wanted be lost forever by getting pulled out to sea in the CSA riptide. It is never ending......