We're kinda in the same boat on the T, Bill. When I fired mine a few weeks ago I thot it was at the worst possible time...starting a new medical treatment. But I felt I could no longer trust him and that was my bottom line. Interestingly, I'm just fine. I have my low points, more side effects to the new meds, but I've been able to hash that out and live with it for now.

What's particularly interesting to me is that I've made some serious, successful progress on disclosure to family members WITHOUT a T. Results are mixed, but overwhelmingly positive. No one's more surprised than me. (It's meant, however, I'm posting to MS and leaning on my bros considerably more than usual).

Meanwhile, I've shopped thru 5 additional Ts with dismal results (and I'm in a major metro area), except for one who at least has experience with my medical condition, though not CSA nor PTSD.

Just sum thots.