Thanks for the reply, Ivo

Not to try and belittle the abuse done to me, after the abuse stopped that one time I began crying, there was no way I could get away from being around him. He was still my neighbor, I still had to be around my aunt after school, and I would see him on a daily basis.. just that he had stopped the abuse (although the damage was still done.)

He still acted like a big brother - taught me how to drive, helped me when I was learning guitar, helped me with school projects and just regular everyday things.

Now as adults, at times I want to bring it up. Why? I have no idea. Part of me wants to just talk about it and make things less odd since he is still around and we hang out and are around each other quite often. . Part of me thinks I shouldn't because he's already emotionally not all there - he's been depressed these last couple of years. I kinda feel bad for him - WTF is wrong with me?

I have not spoken with the therapist about this, however, it is in the works.