I was with friends today who were watching Dr. Phil (I personally hate Dr. Phil, but anyway...)which was about a 15 year old girl sexually involved with numerous grown men. On the show she disclosed being molested at the age of 12 in a park by a man in his 20's, and that this happened several times as she kept returning to the park where this person continued to molest her. 2 of the friends I was with began making comments that she must have liked it or wanted it to keep returning there, and that she was probably lying about it altogether to illicit sympathy for her present behaviour, as if adults having sex with a 15 year old isn't still sexual abuse but I digress. In any case, their comments made me so upset and angry that I found an excuse to leave. Who the f*ck are they anyway to define a survivor's experience, and to pass judgement on what survivors have gone through? I, for example, beat myself up for years for not leaving my perpetrator sooner, and spent a great deal of time in therapy working through why many kids feel they can't leave an abuser. In light of this, what right do non-survivors such as the people I was with today have to define my reality for me? Alternatively, what's wrong with just keeping one's mouth shut about stuff they know nothing about? Some people just need to fu*k off already.