I can impersonate almost anyone , I can change my voice to sound like others and even imitate songs to sound just like them

I also escape into music , it is one of the purest forms of expression . Man i love music

I love to help people
I love to inspire people
I love giving advice and actually like constructive criticism because it allows me to grow when excepted and put into practice

I am a writer , I like to just put it out there this can be good and bad lol

I am really good at video games and still like to bring out the kid in me

I also like to be silly and make people laugh
I am very intuitive and can come back on almost any joke

My brain is always in think mode

what could i have done better?
how could i have handled this better ?
what did so and so say today that was useful as fare as wisdom and insight ?

I love knowledge and wisdom most people do not realize how much wisdom people spew out of their mouth without even realizing it

I believe every moment is a teachable moment in some form or fashion

I am a good problem solver

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