Dark Empathy makes some good suggestions... I whole heartedly agree with the dog idea. I have 3 of them & they are loyal & affectionate. All they want is a good petting. I also have a cat & I find that time spent just sitting & petting her lowers my blood pressure & makes me feel at complete peace. Massage is also a good thing to try if you are able. In my case, I feel ok with women touching me, so a massage by an RMT is fantastic. I also see a Chiropractor on a regular basis. If you've never tried one, it pretty well requires them to almost hug & lay upon you as they manipulate your body into the different positions. My first Chiropractor (many years ago) was a very small lady. She would literally have to lay on me & beside me to do all the different moves. It was actually very pleasant. Now I actually have a male Chiropractor! For me, it's a big deal to be able to be touched by a man... Just a couple of years ago, that wouldn't be happening.
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