He said he didn't want the gift in Dec 2011 ( a year ago)...to me ..it was because we were not getting along. I wanted it to be with his family...as it represented their love and no one is more important to him than his kids and pets I was a design of him holding hands with all his loved ones...even the pets were there...I never thought I'd ever see or hear from him again ...and hoped one day he'd see it..or his parents could even enjoy it. It wasn't like it was a shirt...or a wall hanging or candle or a dish towel..it was something EXTREMELY personal from me to him..about his loved ones!

A year passed..he was a new man...getting so close..I thought it would be ok to surprise him w/the gift...he said he thought it was beautiful and special..I HAD NO CLUE..until MMFAN spelled it all out to me..HE DID not in the way she did...it totally makes sense now..and of course I know I FUCKED UP ROYALLY OFTEN in this dept. and am EXTREMLY sorry...but I DID NOT KNOW what it all meant. I can't read minds. I thought one day...maybe 5, 10 years later..he'd fine it while cleaning out his parents house.

He has been very involved w/his parents...seeing them often, calling them often, dinners out..dinners at the house...yes...his kids have been very involved with these people, too..it's not like I purposely found his perps and said..TAKE THIS.