Thank you for taking the time to respond. He has not been seeing his T weekly..he goes periods of time...when he doesn't need to contact him..but he's always there to receive and comment on a phone call or quick text. Mostly over the last many years...he's needed this T because of a VERY NASTY divorce with an extremely EVIL witch!

I have NO interested in marriage to him...we are very close FRIENDS...I wonder many years from now...we might have a relationship(yes..I keep won't be as far into the it WILL is what it is).... there would HAVE to be HUGE changes and none of this constant running away and being hurtful. BUT..I understand and the post after you HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!!

I am VERY open to finding the man of my dreams...but in no hurry AT ALL. I have not sat back for all this time...I've been OUT THERE looking and to be honest...the guys out there are HORRIFIC and even this special friend of mine, with all his issues..has a MUCH longer PRO list, than CON list. I am so not afraid of intimacy AT ALL..that is HIS deal..not mine...I have been kind and respectful of him and the intimacy from our emotional connection is very importnat to me.

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