I'm not sure how to reply to individual posts as I tried to do that and it just added it to the end of the thread so I guess I'll do as I did before and reply en masse.

I'm feeling rather good this evening so I wanted to seize the opportunity and say a few words; I don't really know why I feel so good this evening and I don't really care why so much; just happy to feel good!

It is truly amazing how wonderful and supportive everyone is here! I am in constant awe at how all of you are so strong and encouraging! Especially having gone through the hell that we all know too well!

I wanted to assure you all that I'm here to stay! I feel like I belong, really! Perhaps for the first time in my life!

One line hit me in particular:
I just want you to know that at the same time you're seeking answers, you're helping others in their healing. By reading your story, I'm understanding mine a lot better, and its helping me with the pain.

The thought that my words and experience is helping others is beyond declaration! I truly feel honored that I can actually be of help! That helps make all the work I've done in signing up here and writing my introduction so worth it!!

Besides getting the steady stream of support from all of you here at MS, I'd like to acknowledge that my wife is a major strong hold of support for me and I can't thank her enough! I'm positive that much of my own behavior certainly doesn't warrant such kindness and understanding as I'm getting from her and I know how fortunate I am to have it smile.

A question, in the event that anyone has any info:
My T and wife are encouraging me to attend one of the weekends of recovery. I'm concerned that, because I still struggle with directing anger at my perp as an individual (no problem having anger at what he did to me, though!) that I may not get as much out of a short weekend. I'm wondering if anyone has input about the effectiveness of a weekend like that and/or does anyone know of a longer excursion of say a week (more or less). I'm scared of the idea of either the weekend or week retreats but I feel confident that I need to do something along those lines to help in my healing!

Thank you all!! You guys ROCK!! I feel a sense of pride to be counted as a member along with all of you!
Since, my friend, you have revealed your deepest fear
I sentence you to be exposed before your peers
Tear down the wall!
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