Amen Brother hit the nail on the head again
It is embarrassing that people would stand out with signs saying God hates F### or any such thing because this is not the love of Christ . Not to mention if someone has a bad experience with church or Christians than they just chalk it up as lumping everyone together . Or even just giving up on it all together because they had a bad experience when people have a bad sexual experiences do they give up?

It is irrational thinking really hell people even keep going back to people that continually hurt them or stab them in the back , do they give up on the relationship or give up on friendships that are not that healthy for themselves ? No

But because Christianity deals with the one thing most people do not want to deal with and that is sin than they find all kinds of reasons to try to discredit Christ or discredit the word of God instead of finding reasons to seek Christ or the word of God . There are plenty of reasons to pursue Christ but people want to be their own God they want to be " in control " but in control of nothing really.

The people that do not understand are usually the people who have not experienced Christ for themselves they are not trying to seek Thus sayeth the Lord for themselves . The Holy Spirit is intelligent it will lead and guide you into the knowledge of truth NOT MAN . Every man is not going to get it right and doctrine has really thrown everything off course a bunch of mans puffed up ideas trying to be preached as fact .

Doctrine is people getting together and picking and choosing how THEY believe this or that . People really need to just dig into the word of God for themselves and allow the Holy Spirit to lead them and guide them .
The spirit is intelligent the word of God is going to speak to each person right where they are in their life. A certain scripture is going to mean more to me in one way than it might mean to you because it is going to speak to you in a different way and lead you in a different direction because that is what you need at that particular time in your life , and it will lead me and work for me in a different way at that particular time in my life . This is the beauty of the word of God is going speak to you where you are .

The word is going to come alive in the area you need it to most When Allowed.
There are some things that are not going to make any sense to you one day and than all of a sudden maybe even 2 yrs later make complete and utter sense because you are ready to see it you are ready to receive it . I hope I am making sense

The moral of all this is that people who have been offended in one way or another with Christianity or God will continually find ways to believe in other things even if it hurts them but yet when it comes to God they want to only find ways not to believe.
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