Thanks so much many have looked at my far you are the only one to respond. I truly appreciate it.

He has had the same T for close to 20 years. He texts him or calls him...when a problem arises. He also had inpatient T for a week...many yrs ago..Since we are not a couple...joint T is not gonna work. I always told him I WOULD go to see his T with him, though. I pray he does forgive me...and sees it was NEVER to hurt him...because I am ALWAYS there for him..ALWAYS! I am happy T has helped you and your wife! So important!

Yes....he does care A LOT for me...yet is SO afraid to admit it with words...instead he shows in his own way.

As of now..he is ANGRY and doesn't want to hear from me...wants me to keep away.... it gets old....but I think we have something special..WHEN things are great...and I let him return.and then things are wonderful...until he finds something to flip out about AGAIN (seems like he looks for keep us from getting closer)...will that continue? Who knows. He has to run away and work this out in his mind.