One thing I have noticed around the site is that some forms of "hate speak" are considered ok, or at least it feels that way. I do not preach in the chat room for example. If I am asked if I'm a person of faith, I will proudly say yes I am. The other day, a member told me I have mental problems because I support an organization (the church) which supports and practices child abuse. In one broad brush stoke, he labeled all people of faith as predators. At least I can say others challenged him on that along with me. Yet the fact is he felt comfortable attacking my faith in God. So much for the open mindedness of the secular progressive world.

I know where I was, I know where I am now, and I know who got me this far. Yet, some people here openly slam Christians or others, and when called out on it they respond with a comment such as "you need to be more open minded". Who is not being open minded in this? Attacks here on people of faith or those of one political side or another should not take place. I do not believe we can justify bad behavior by pointing to the bad behavior of others. As survivors, or supporters of survivors, we have had enough labels placed on us already along with the hurt that comes with it.

I know people were hurt in churches by predators. I also know Jesus was hurt by people in His church too. The actions of men (or women) in the natural are not always the actions of God. God did not sit by silently when my abuse happened, but the natural world in which we live is a world of free will. That is how He has ordained it whether we understand this or not. I know this too, God has already taken what was meant for my harm and has turned it toward my good. I am moving forward, I am starting to speak out and through his grace, and the hunted will become the hunter.

People want to point at believers and cry homophobic!! These same people will descend on Chick-fil-A for a national "kiss-in" day to make a point. A point about what? If someone doesn't like that this company's CEO is a person of faith...take your business elsewhere or start your own. The girl who came under attack by the angry customer in a youtube video that went viral showed great kindness in the face of meanness. It is sad how people can organize a national kiss-in day, yet there is no national movement to protest NAMBLA, or the numerous web sites that offer pornography of what they represent as "barely legal boys".

There are certainly people in churches who point to others (homosexuals, divorcees, ex-convicts or whatever) and say your sin is worse then mine. That is wrong and I don't like seeing it happen. These people are not following scripture in that approach, and I will not go down that road. Who ever wants to assume Christians are supposed to be perfect need to understand only one perfect person ever walked this earth in our faith, and that was Christ. My job is to glorify him in my behavior towards others, so I will not launch personal attacks on anyone. I may ask questions, I will defend myself when attacked, and hope those who want to see me as a mental case because I have faith will somehow look beyond their own stereotypes and see who I really am.
�We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.� - Plato