THe VA is killing our people. I have experience the total failure of the VA to address sexual assault, specifically for men. I have 12 years of service in so and light infantry, have the help of a senator and over 5 years with no inpatient treatment or real help, not to mention my disability claim. I cannot afford underwear, my teeth need attention, etc. What I have gone through is enough to drive me (and others I imagine) away from the VA system for good. This is disgusting and the amount of resistance at the personal/individual, organizational levels and in terms of process is not just woefully bad, its effect is to exclude badly traumatized service members from badly needed treatment, disability benefits and the ability to move on with their lives. In addition there are the societal costs-substance abuse, the consequences of acting out-fighting, sexual behavior, the personal hell it dooms victims to and our inability to contribute to society-to be useful and pay our fair share.
This is criminal considering our service.
"what matters most is how well you walk through the fire"
-Charles Bukowski