I had two pretty good weeks--no nightmares or flashbacks. Last night they came roaring back. It was debilitating and I was an emotional wreck. Someone in the home called the police, it was said I was mentally unstable. I guess to some hearing or witnessing flashbacks makes the person experiencing them mentally challenged or unstable.

While the flashbacks were going on I was in the room by myself away from everyone. I am pretty self contained when I have the flashbacks--I seem to become riled prior to the events, words can set me off and current hurts come to the surface and I may yell but quickly retreat to a place by myself--knowing this may help me identify triggers. I had to talk to the police while not totally out of the flashback.

Last night the flashbacks were intense, I have had bad ones but last night they came in succession--the memories and images. Hopefully I am getting to a point where all the buried hurt, pain and memories will have come to the surface. It seems when new memories and feeling emerge they are more intense and over time they subside as I begin to accept them. I am hopeful. I am drained today-- hanging on my a thread string to get my work done.

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