think I am teaching here, too...who knew? guy also has problems accepting compliments. His perp told him he was so good looking..and it was HIS FAULT for looking so good to him...causing him to molest horrible, repulsive, disgusting!

And one thing my guy does...when people do say good things about his character...the person he is..a good, loving dad, a wonderful teacher..etc....he OFTEN has to tell me...because he needs me to ARE ARE wonderful ....I think he needs me to help with his self-esteem to validate that HE IS AMAZING and wonderful and SEE...some people DO SEE it..right?!??! People who are GOOD, loving, caring people...then it must be true?!?!..and yes....IT IS ALL are incredible and my life is better because you are in it and my heart is so full of pain for EVERYTHING you have had to endure.