Sorry to rant but I have to get this out.Iím confused, angry or whatever the hell you call it. I want to drink until I pass out. My T today brought up things I have never spoken of and why the hell I said it today I donít know. I donít want to live it all again. I forgot it for a reason damn it what good is this going to bring, drinking again punching walls opening old wounds. Iím still shaking 2 hours later. Iím 48 not 11 so why the hell canít I just forget and move on. Life wasnít perfect before but I could function in my own world not hurting anyone sure I was alone but isnít that better than going through this nightmare again. Is this really helping me, I just wonder if Iíd be better off just stopping everything and just shut myself off again alone but safe and better still peace of mind.

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