thanks for your words and for taking your time! Feels good that you understand, gave me a bit of optimism.
Yes, they practice EMDR here. Actually Iím hospitalized right now and have already worked a bit with it, only a bit, but I think itís pretty interesting. Do you have experiences with that?
Those empathic people are actually the wonderful ones, the ones I enjoy to be with.. but at the same time it makes me mad. Thatís a strange situation somehow.
I guess I appear quite strong and confident on the outside though Iím actually so confused and scared of everything sometimes inside... I think Iím slowly learning to admit this.
Well ďI can handle itĒ is something she heard all the time. I only a few times let her console me when something was bothering me.
Yes, I still love her, but it seems like I really hurt her by breaking up with her. I donít want to do this again, get together again and then maybe it still doesnít work and I go away again. This wouldnít feel ok, I donít want to hurt her all the time. Maybe I just need a bit of time first.. I donít quite know.
Thanks for the reply, wish you the best as well.
If we're not entirely ourselves, truly in this present moment, we'll miss everything.