I have as little contact with my immediate family as possible because of the pain and the way I was treated. I have similar feelings of resentment and abandonment with my dad. We have attempted to have some kind of relationship as adults, but there is too much in the way. For most people, family is who they rely on, can trust, etc. My experience has been exactly the opposite when it comes to family, even the ones not involved in the abuse, the things we're confronting are too dangerous for them. I have noticed that the less contact I have with immediate family (ma,dad, sis, etc) the more progress I make in recovery (sobriety and C/A SA). It about me now, I carried their shit for long enough. I can't be free if I remain tied to all of that horror and behavior they use to keep it rolling. That's just me, but walking away from literally EVERYTHING in my life has been required for me to get away. Just my .02
"what matters most is how well you walk through the fire"
-Charles Bukowski