I'm going through similar stuff now Lancer- contacting extended family (aunts and uncles that were more like brothers/sisters as when I was a kid) and reconnecting. Some are glad to hear from me and know what happened to me, others are avoiding me like the plague. I am no coward and will relentlessly tell the truth, I will use it as a weapon if I need to. I refuse to be judged for my ma's disgusting behavior or for her criminal 'parenting' techniques. I will go forward, this stuff takes courage and we should be proud of ourselves. My ma made it mission one to isolate me from our extended family, they would not and do not approve of the way she has conducted herself over time. My exwife was a part of a group of people that drugged and sexually assaulted me for year, literally keeping me as a kind of sexual object to be used when they felt like it, drunk, lost in hell. I told my ma about it, she blamed me. Ma and x have had Thanksgiving dinner together in the 2 years since I told ma. It's this family stuff, our fear of judgement and the crazy manipulative behavior of others that is so damaging to us and keeps us from healing in my opinion. I refuse to be quiet, I refuse to keep dark family secrets, I refuse to be held accountable for others sick actions, I refuse to take the shame of others and protect them. It has to be this way for me, it may be different for others. I tried playing by the 'rules' others made, it almost killed me. I know what you're doing takes courage because Im doing it. Keep it up and thanks for posting about this.
"what matters most is how well you walk through the fire"
-Charles Bukowski