I was abused at 11 by a well known person in my community and in my church. I knew even then that if I told, it would rock my town and my parents would suffer. It didn't matter if I was suffering, I wasn't going to hurt my parents. I buried it and just accepted that it was my lot in life to endure this. I was abused again at 19. I know this is above the age of consent, but again, it was my lot. I knew then that if I told, it would rock the lives of many, including my family. I learned to bury it, and just accept it as my lot. Now, I find myself wanting to protect my parents from the harm this knowledge would cause. It's an awful dichotomy. I want their love and support. I want my parents to make it all better like they did when I was a kid. Yet, I want to protect them from the pain. It's only through the help of a T, that I recognize this commonality in the way I act. Thanks for your insight on what to do. Davo.