There have been a few news stories showing this boy, Ethan, meeting the governor and playing in his office, smiling and laughing, and also being evaluated by "Dr. Phil."

Despite the cute clips, his mother asserts that he screams in his sleep and can't stand the sight of a school bus.

Who knows? I'm not a therapist but I'd tend to think that a kid that young and "surface level" couldn't possibly fake his way into acting so normal and carefree so soon after an incident of painful and traumatically invasive physical abuse... though I guess there are guys here who could testify firsthand. And, shit, my parents swore up and down they never saw a hint of a change in me at 8, probably because I'd blocked it out near-instantly and had nothing to "hide." Hrrmmmphhhh.

Since we'll all but certainly never be told the full details, it's best just to assume there was nothing further. Having seen the kid now, it hurts to speculate on something worse.


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