dear survivors,

my husband was abused by men and a teen girl and his mother when he was from very small till about 12.
he keeps on getting memories back but its very hard for him to deal with teh abuse and the memories regarding his mother.

besides the confusing feelings towards her and all the other tons of impact the several csas had on him as an adult, there is something that really confuses him now, and me too.

he had a body memory of his mother yesterday, including her smell and he felt the touch of her body...

today he went to the office and he usually has a fixation on young women and teens, but today he has a meeting with his colleages, all men. he saw them sexual. it was very weird for him.

does anyone know why this is happening now, what exactly is actually happening and what is best for him to do?

i am not worried he is gay or anything and i dont have anything against gay people. but he was always after girls, why would that change now? what can come up next?
is this because he actually hates his mother, but cant, as he has to love his mother? is this because he is scared of her/ females?

what is best to do with this? where will this lead?

thank you for your answers, i really hope i get some good ones.
please help!


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